Nevada Gaming Revenue Does it Again

The streak of billion dollar months for Nevada gaming revenue has now stretched all the way to twenty. Seriously, at this point is it even a surprise? Should we even be reporting this as gambling news? Don’t we all just expect Las Vegas and company to pile up another billion bucks each month?

Nevertheless, here we are. The numbers are in for the month of October, and according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the state generated just short of $1.3 billion in revenue. The Vegas Strip is usually the biggest winner, and it was again. Casinos along that exclusive stretch of property were responsible for just north of $705 million.

Not to be left out, downtown Las Vegas contributed $90 million to Nevada gaming revenue. That’s almost 20% higher than the same time last year. And as a whole, revenue for the month was a 5% increase from October on 2021.

As a whole, gaming properties in the state brought in more than $13.42 billion last year. But so far in 2022, Nevada casinos have generated about $12.3 billion. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that a new, all-time record will probably be set with three months still remaining.

Prior to this run, the previous streak of consecutive billion dollar months for Nevada gaming revenue was just eight. That streak occurred between October of 2006 and May of 2007. Senior economic analyst at the Control Board, Michael Lawton, stated “This represents the largest increase recorded by these markets since February.”