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As Bitcoin prices reach an all-new high, the mass media hysteria around the token will invariably push up the demand for BTC casinos as a growing number of punters look to invest amid the boom. Unfortunately, a few shady prospects throw the entire equation out of balance. Amateurs must keep a close eye on these elements to avoid any untoward experiences. If you are one of those and looking for a reliable BTC gambling operator, check the recommendations of bettingrex.

How to Find a Safe BTC Casino?

It’s important to look for a casino with a valid license. However, BTC casinos aren’t always regulated as cryptocurrencies are yet to be legalized by most governments. However, online casinos that accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies are usually licensed in Curacao, Panama, or Costa Rica.

Most legit gambling websites will also offer new members lucrative welcome bonuses. While these come with a set of instructions called wagering requirements, punters can still withdraw their winnings after fulfilling certain criteria. But make sure to read the fine prints before signing up.

Reputation is the key while signing up on a new gambling platform. Try to locate reliable operators with years of happy customers vouching for their service. Most of the shady operators usually have a foul reputation. Hence, make sure to diligently research every casino before shortlisting a few with the best reputation.

Legit online casinos offer a vast array of the most popular and latest games. Keep track of the games listed on the website to gauge its reputation and make sure the list is diverse. You might be interested in playing video games, but make sure the casino hosts dedicated table games too. It’s a good idea to quickly glance at the list of partners as reputed iGaming software developers do not work with blacklisted websites.

And finally, look at the cashing out policy. This is where BTC casinos shine as they don’t rely on banks or payment gateways for the transaction. While most payments at online casinos take between 24 and 48 hours to complete, BTC casinos cut down the time to a few minutes at most. It’s wise to look for an operator that payout on demand.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Gambling?

Getting your hands on Bitcoin tokens is the first step. You can either but it from people that you know, at the BTC exchange, or win some at a crypto casino. Standard exchange rates apply and you can use a debit or credit card to buy and sell your asset.

An encrypted crypto wallet is a must for getting started. And although it might sound complicated at first, it’s a lot simpler than you think. Transaction fees are limited, which is easier on the pockets compared to traditional casinos. And moreover, blockchain transactions are the most secure payment method to date.

Since these don’t require peer-to-peer communication, the wallets don’t have to be associated with your identity. Hence, reducing the chances of data leaks and other security concerns.

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