What does BTTS mean in betting? Our guide explains all you need to know

What does BTTS mean?

The abbreviation ‘BTTS’ stands for ‘both teams to score’.

When you bet on the BTTS market, you are betting on whether both teams will score during a match.

How to bet on BTTS

You can bet on BTTS in the same way that you bet on any other market.

On the sportsbook, navigate to the match that you want to bet on, and open it. One of the most prominent markets will be called ‘BTTS’ or ‘both teams to score’.

If you select ‘Yes’, you are adding a bet on both teams scoring to your betslip. If you select ‘No’, you are adding a bet on at least one team failing to score to your betslip.

You can put together a BTTS accumulator by adding multiple BTTS bets to the same betslip. Additionally, you can include BTTS bets in a more varied accumulator – perhaps by combining it with other win/draw/win selections.

It is important to note that BTTS bets are only valid inside normal time of a match. If, for example, a cup game ends 0-0 in extra time but finishes 1-1 after extra time, a ‘BTTS – yes’ bet would still be a loser.

BTTS betting on football

BTTS is a market that exists predominantly for football, as it is such a low-scoring sport and the chances of at least one of the teams not scoring is relatively high.

Some teams are more likely to return BTTS than others, because of their style of play. For example, in the 2019/20 Premier League season, BTTS was a winner in 66 per cent of Tottenham’s matches but just 37 per cent of Crystal Palace’s matches.

Variations of BTTS bets

There are other options when it comes to betting on BTTS, too.

For example:

BTTS in the first half – whether both teams will score in the first half.

BTTS in the second half – whether both teams will score in the second half.

BTTS in both halves – whether both teams will score in both the first half and the second half.

BTTS & over 2.5 goals – whether both teams will score and there will be at least three goals in the match.

BTTS & X to win – whether both teams will score and the team listed will win the match.

Both teams to score two or more goals – whether both teams will score at least twice during the match.

Where can I find tips for BTTS?

For insight and advice on which matches to back in the BTTS market each week, check out our BTTS tips.

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