r/SoccerBetting – Do not fall for the bookmakers “specials”, example here

The bookmakers are offering a special, implying that there’s something special about the odds or the market. There’s not, it’s just another way to try and trick you and entice you into betting. The market here (image in the tweet) is 0 corners in any game at the Euros. The average punter can not possibly try and work out the odds for this, so they entice you with these odds.

Let’s look at the data:

Games w/ 0 Corners:

England Premier League: 0/380

  • La Liga: 0/380

  • Serie A: 0/380

  • Ligue 1: 0/380

⚽ Games Since February 1st:

  • 80/35,150

  • 0.2% Probability = 500/1

They were offering 50/1… Do not fall for it.

Data by OddAlerts:

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