Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

The fact that Logan Paul was smart enough to land a fight against Floyd Mayweather is impressive.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will clash on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. And I’m here for it.

What many see as a freak show, it’s becoming the norm lately. I had a blast in the Askren vs. Jake Paul event. I won’t lie.

Now Logan Paul wants a money bag as well. And when you say money, Floyd Mayweather is the first boxer to arrive at the scene.

Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Betting Odds

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Odds To Win
Floyd Mayweather -700 MyBookie Sportsbook
Logan Paul +275

Of course, Floyd Mayweather is the huge favorite to win this fight.

At MyBookie Sportsbook, “Money” Mayweather is at -700. That means you need to beat $700 to win $100 with Floyd.

It’s one of the best numbers out there. In other sportsbooks, he is -2000 or higher.

Logan Paul is +275 to beat Mayweather. For every $100 you bet on the oldest of the Paul brothers, you will win $275.

Tip: If you are looking for better numbers to bet on Logan Paul, know that he is +1000 at

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Prediction

Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer in the world.

Let’s cut the crap. If Floyd tries, there is no way Logan Paul has a shot in this fight. Not even one percent.

Floyd is 50-0 in his career. No YouTuber will end that.

If you think Floyd will try to win, then the -700 bet at MyBookie makes total sense, although the juice is gigantic.

But I’m not sure Floyd will try. He’s a quote-unquote “retired,” and this fight is not official. It’s an exhibition. That changes everything.

Mayweather cares about two things in the world. His undefeated status and money. If Logan Paul wins, both would still be intact.

Why It’s Hard To Pick A Winner

We can’t treat this like a real boxing fight.

We have seen Floyd Mayweather all over the internet betting massive amounts during the Super Bowl and other events. What’s stopping Floyd from betting against himself?

Do you think I’m crazy? Did you see the Askren vs. Jake Paul fight? Nothing made sense.

It looked like a private party with celebrities, and you were invited to gamble, drink and smoke weed from your house. It was nothing like we have seen before.

I would lay money on Logan Paul at +275 just to see if Mayweather pranks the betting world. It would be such a fantastic move if he bets against himself.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Prop Bets

If you don’t care about the final result or don’t find value on any side, there are great prop bets for the event. has a few on their site. Closer to fight day I’m sure there will be more.

First Fighter To Bleed
Logan Paul -1200 MyBookie Sportsbook
Floyd Mayweather +550

Logan Paul To Be Knocked Down
Yes -700 MyBookie Sportsbook
No +350

Fight To Go The Distance
No -600 MyBookie Sportsbook
Yes +300

Who Is Logan Paul And Why Is He Fighting Mayweather?

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber with over 22 Million followers. He’s not a pro fighter but trains boxing.

For our fighting interest, he’s 0-1-1 in his “boxing career.” Logan Paul fought British YouTuber KSI twice. In 2018, the contest ended in a draw, and in 2019 KSI won via decision.

This fight is just Logan jumping into the money bandwagon alongside his brother Jake.

Jake Paul beat MMA fighter Ben Askren in April and is becoming a regular in these fighting events. Logan wants in the game.

But Logan Paul is even more of a controversial YouTuber than his little brother. He uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel portraying the recently deceased corpse of a man who had died by hanging himself in Aokigahara, Japan.

He has also had controversies with the LGBTQ community, and YouTube suspended him several times.

Top Sites To Bet On Mayweather Vs. Paul

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