What Does 2HH Mean in Basketball Betting? – Sports Betting Tricks

There is a wide variety of bets you can make on basketball. The most common include 2HH, or 1HH bet. If you are new to basketball betting, you may have seen the two words more than once. 

In this article, I will teach you the meaning behind 2HH betting and tips you can apply when making 2HH bets.

What is Head to Head (HH) betting?

Head-to-head betting, also known as HH betting, is the most common way of betting that involves placing a bet on the team you predict will win. 

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We can use an example of the LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls. If you place a head-to-head bet on Chicago Bulls and the team wins, you win the bet. Conversely, if the LA Lakers win or the score is tied, you lose the bet. 

What are the types of head-to-head (HH) betting?

There are two basketball betting types, namely, 1HH and 2HH. 

1HH bet means you have placed a bet on the home team. 2HH, on the other hand, means you’ve placed a bet on the away team.

Tips for 2HH betting in basketball

If you are starting to bet on basketball games, it is best to bet on the match’s outcome. 

Since there are no draws in a basketball game, placing a bet on the score’s outcome is easy. Thus, 2HH bets are better placed on big games such as the semi-final and final game leagues.

The advantage of placing a HH bet is that the winning team or player is all that matters, not the score. Furthermore, you can place a 2HH bet on whether the team or the player will reach a specific number of points. 

For best results, you should refer to NBA strategies developed from real-time analysis by game experts to avoid losing your money.

If the fourth quarter of the game ends in a draw, the game goes overtime to determine the winner. In this case, betting platforms cover overtime in their bets to compensate for the customer’s bet.

Different betting platforms differ in calculating head-to-head payouts, so you can best check your chosen betting site. 

Ready to bet on your first basketball game?

Basketball is an interesting game to bet on, especially in NBA games. There are two basketball HH betting types, the 2HH and 1HH. 1HH means you are wagering on the home team to win, while 2HH is on the away team. 

The advantage of placing head-to-head beats is that the game’s outcome determines the win. It is also especially advised for players who are new to basketball betting. 

The head-to-head betting also covers the overtime period, where the winning team is determined after the fourth quarter. 

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