Week 31 Daily Betting Tips 2023: Please Post All Your Daily Betting Predictions In The Comment


This page is dedicated to the tipsters who have daily winning games to post. With the increasing number of tipsters posting daily tips in our pools discussion room.

We decided to create this page in order to keep our weekend pools discussion room activities more focused on weekend pools only.

We urge all and sundry to henceforth post their daily betting tips in the comment section of this page.

We shall be publishing the page on weekly basis.

Thanks for your cooperation.

A few instructions to keep things in order.

  1. Please include country name, league name and time in your tips.
  2. Don’t post booking code because all of us don’t use one bookie.
  3. No need posting contact for reward.. If anyone wish to appreciate you. Admin will deliver to you.

If you are wondering which bookie will deliver your winnings to your bank account within 5mins when you cash out, i recommend 1xbet website for you. They have big odds, covers every league in the world, gives you 200% first deposit bonus too.

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