The frustrating injury to a Brazilian goalkeeper before the 2016 Olympics

There are many injuries that football players can suffer that can be career-changing or even career-ending. You can now sign up to the site – online sports betting Nigeria that has the best wagering chances on excellent footballers.


Some of them include:


  • broken bones;
  • torn ligaments;
  • and ruptured tendons.

What happened to Brazilian goalkeeper Fernando Prass in 2016 was quite far from being career-changing or career-ending. However, it certainly was dream-breaking. On the online sports betting site 1xBet Nigeria it is possible to wager on talented goalkeepers from all over the world.

A veteran goalkeeper

In 2016, the Brazilian Olympic football team was getting ready to play in the tournament of the 2016 Summer Games. Coaches are allowed to choose up to three players over the age of 23. It is not unusual that these three players are footballers with little to no experience with the senior national side. The application 1xBet for iOS is available now, and punters can decide to use it to wager on the Olympic football tournament too.


This was exactly the case with Fernando Prass. In 2016 he was 38 years old. However, despite his age he was one of the best goalkeepers in the Brazilian Série A, as his team at that moment was Palmeiras. The intuitive and easy-to-use 1xBet application for iOS is available now, and punters can use it to wager on the entertaining matches from the Brasileirão too.

A broken dream

Because of his great performances, the coach of the Brazilian Olympic team at the time Rogerio Micale decided to select him for the tournament. He was absolutely delighted with this occurrence. Now there is virtual sports betting available with, which punters can use for wagering on football’s virtual counterpart too.


Not only that, because Micale had also informed him that he would be the starting goalkeeper.  Because of the age difference between the keeper and other players in the team he was affectionately referred to as “the grandfather”. However, on the 31st of July 2016, four days before Brazil’s debut in the tournament, the unthinkable happened.


During a training session, Fernando Prass suffered a fracture to one of his elbows. Unfortunately, this meant that he would miss the Olympic tournament, and his chance to wear the shirt of the Brazilian national side.

Brazil went on to win the Olympic tournament, with Micale selecting Weverton as Prass’ replacement. By the way, this is the same Weverton that years later served as Alisson’s and Ederson’s backup on the senior national squad. Excellent virtual sports betting is available with 1xBet, which also has the best odds.

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