r/SoccerBetting – my betting simulator – updates and EPL weekly analyze

Thank you all for your positive comebacks! I added some new features to my program which you guys helped me a lot.

The main update is now my program adds last 6 games data to calculation. The best thing is that it’s adjustable.

This is how the program looks now:

This is how form percentage effected EPL 24GW:

As you can see I also added showing odds or percentages as a optional radiobutton.

Overall result, this week i could only got %40 FT without any last 6 games data used.

%50 FT with using %20 last 6 games + %80 overall data

%80 FT with using %70 last 6 games + %30 overall data

but each of them only got 1 correct score.

If you want me to analyze the upcoming GW of any league,

Mail me HOME+AWAY+LAST6GAMES overall table in a excel file.

I can share an analyze with variations of form percantage at thursday night in this subreddit.

 mail: [email protected]

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