r/SoccerBetting – A Bold Strategy – Finding the worst tipster

I’m sure I’m not the first person to have thought of this, but…

If you google betting or tipsters, or look on twitter or wherever, everything you find is about the best, the most accurate. Hell, part of the foundation of this community is people sharing tips every day, with others tailing because they trust the judgement of the tipster.

But a lot of people do that, right? And a lot of people don’t make money betting. So…

What if I find a person, or a predictor, rule, or a system, that spits out horrible bets that lose a ton of money, and then I bet the opposite.

My original plan for this was Mark Lawrenson, since you can’t find many other predictors with a full 10-year archive of their selections. Plus, he had a terrible moustache, so he had to be wrong, right? But it turns out if you bet on Lawro every week, you’d have made a modest profit.

Of course, not many people advertise how much they suck at predicting. And that’s the point I’ve reached in starting this thread.

Is this an insane strategy with an obvious flaw?

Would it be interesting to compile stats on bookies’ own promoted tips, since they presumably have an incentive to not be slam-dunk moneymakers?

Does anyone else rely on a friend or relative who has a knack for making terrible predictions?

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