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What’s up everyone, I’m an avid sports bettor and this is my first time posting in the sports betting sub. A couple friends and I have started up a sports betting social media platform called Overcome The Books, available on TikTok and Discord. We’ve all spent a lot of free time grinding analysis for our sports bets, and have had lots of collective success over the last year. We had the idea to start the account a while back and went through with it on Friday.

So far, we are 5-1 on our TikTok plays, going 2-0 on Monday with NHL picks (Samsonov o24.5 saves, NYR ML). Haven’t been posting in the Discord because no one has joined, lol, but we’re putting a lot of time into it trying to make it work. I’ll include the link to both platforms below for anyone interested. Would genuinely appreciate your support! We’ve been on a roll lately and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon, so tell your friends.



BOL to everyone with their picks this week. Thanks to those who took the time to read this wall of text 🙂

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